It's not what you know, it's
Its not what you know, its

July 25, 2024

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81 Be kind and do your best. simon 23/02/04 19:10:57
82 We are here for a good time - not a long time! JCB 23/02/04 11:08:16
83 If an idea isn't protected, it's up for the taking. james 22/02/04 22:22:25
84 Love is like life, it's hard and doesn't always bring happiness, as we don't stop living why should we stop loving. End quote gangstar 21/02/04 22:44:55
85 let me get the quote right as i had to sign up to this just to tell you "its not who you know but who knows you" gangstar 21/02/04 22:40:40
86 If your gonna swim, your gonna get wet. james 21/02/04 20:20:15
87 If you go east, you will eventually end up west. If you go south you will eventually end up north. So I'd suggest you stay right where you are. Kyle 21/02/04 19:47:53
88 Living for the moment does not mean investing for the future. To be sucessful you need to balance where present meets future, and not live by the day, but by the day being lived by you. Kyle 21/02/04 19:44:30
89 Walls have ears, windows have eyes Kyle 21/02/04 19:42:30
90 if ur not living ur life on the edge, then you're taking up far too much space S Patel 21/02/04 18:00:12

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