It's not what you know, it's
Its not what you know, its

July 25, 2024

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41 Approval is after submission Kyle 16/03/04 14:38:38
42 Three prongs and only two are live, the third is dead, as you would be if you touch it! Kyle 16/03/04 14:37:52
43 With the fuel on redline, you better put your foot down... Kyle 16/03/04 14:37:17
44 It's not who you marry, it's what you marry into S Patel 09/03/04 16:29:57
45 Rolling up on 20's, driving in the Bentley's, turnin up the volume - do you know how much I spent? Kyle 08/03/04 10:30:12
46 It is a strange fate to suffer so much fear and doubt over so small a thing, such a little thing. Eagle-Kyle 05/03/04 21:41:53
47 If you were fat and life was like a box of chocolates, then who gives a f**k about what your gonna get, cause you'll probably eat all of them in one mouthful you Fat B***h. Eagle-Kyle 04/03/04 23:20:39
48 If success can be a failure, then could failure be a success. Eagle-Kyle 04/03/04 23:03:07
49 Even an examination Pass can be an overall Failure. Eagle-Kyle 04/03/04 23:00:58
50 The ladder of progression has many steps.You have lots of opportunities to reach the top;the higher you get the greater the risk. A student is at the bottom of the ladder,so has the chance to slipup,when you are top dog,you fall and it will hurt Kyle 04/03/04 21:15:24

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